Soccer Complex Safety Policy

Parents are responsible for their children at all times.  If they are not with a coach, they should be with you.

Driving into the complex, there is a speed limit sign for the safety of our children; pleasure drive slowly and carefully coming around the corner and watch for children playing.

In the parking lot, please watch for the younger children who do go dashing into it, and  parents who may come into it at a higher rate of speed than normal.

Please for the keep up of the complex and to help ensure the safety of the kids, please do not allow them to climb on the poles or tables near the concession area, the goals or netting, or the flag posts.

We have been very lucky in the past with few injuries and would like to keep that way.  We thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Thank you all,

HFSC Board Members

Soccer Complex Trash Policy

Coaches, parents, and players are responsible for removing from the fields, any trash they may bring in during games or practices.  Coaches are to ensure that players and parents understand this policy.